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The album is a collection of Canadian art songs, featuring works by David Jaeger C. M., Carl Philippe Gionet, Samy Moussa and Oscar Peterson. Christina is joined by Carl Philippe Gionet and Stu Harrison, on piano, and Ross MacIntyre on double bass.

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Three Acadian Folklores | Carl Philippe Gionet
L’Escaouette – 1:23
Tout Passe – 4:22
Wing tra la – 4:22

Ahania’s Lament – 11:53

The Echo Cycle | David Jaeger C. M. , words by Seán Haldane
Weltschmertz – 2:43
Echo – 1:39
The Blackbird in the Rain – 2:51
The Berserk Blackbird – 1:33
The Sound of a Smile – 4:04
The Sound of the Sound – 4:18

Two songs by Oscar Peterson
Why Think About Tomorrow – 5:57
Land of the Misty Giants – 6:01

Christina Raphaëlle Haldane, soprano
Carl Philippe Gionet, piano (Three Acadian Folklores & Ahania’s Lament)
Stu Harrison, piano (Why Think About Tomorrow & Land of Misty Giants)
Ross Macintyre, double bass

Produced by David Jaeger C. M.
Engineer, Paul Hodge
Assistant, Matthew Perrier

Recorded at the Glenn Gould Studio,
Toronto, May 10, July 4, 5 & 10, 2018